Sebastiane Hegarty is a sound artist, writer and lecturer. His creative practice which is interdisciplinary and time-based in nature, explores the relationship between time, place and sensation. Most recently this has focused on the materiality of sound and the perceptual geographies of listening. Combining the poetic with the concrete his work includes field-recording, performed soundscapes and micro-FM transmissions, and the production of evasive phonographic objects and actions. He has exhibited, performed and broadcast across the UK, Europe and America. Recent transmissions and performances include: John Hansard Gallery (Southampton, 2019), The Deep Wireless Festival. (NAISA, Ontario, 2019) Corpora Aliena (The Iklectik Art Lab, London, 2019), Radiophrenia (Glasgow, 2018), Datscha Radio (Berlin, 2017) and It’s Eating You,  (IMT Gallery, London, 2015). Works for BBC Radio include, It’s Just Where I Put My Words (Between the Ears, BBC R3, 2013) and The Sound Artist (Twenty Minutes, BBC R3, 2011).

In 2015 he curated the international, multidisciplinary conference, Chalk: time, sense and landscape. Contributors included Prof. John Leveck Drever (Goldsmiths), Prof Paul Whitty (Oxford Brookes), Sally Ann McIntyre (Melbourne Polytechnic) and Guy Sherwin.  More recently he has presented papers at CARU 2019: Creative Arts Research Unit Conference (Oxford Brookes University), Transient Topographies Conference (National University of Ireland in Galway, 2018), LOMA Conference (CRiSAP, London, 2018) and The Sound of Memory symposium (Goldsmiths, 2017). His essay, Lets hear what we can see, which explores synaesthesia and sensory metaphor, accompanies the DVD release of Guy Sherwin’s Optical Sound Films (Lux: London, 2008).

As the first successful practice-based research candidate at the University of Southampton, Sebastiane received his PhD from the Sculpture Department at Winchester School of Art, Southampton University in 2003. His PhD was supervised by Prof Joh Gibbons, and the examiners were Prof Rod Bugg (UAL) and Prof Peter Coleman (Psychology, UoS). Currently a lecturer in The School of Art, Design & Fashion at Solent University, Sebastiane lives in Winchester, England.

  1. Hi there. Really enjoying your blog posts and would like very much to listen to your Radio 3 piece. However can’t listen again on iplayer. Is there anywhere else I could pick it up?

    • Hello Elizabeth and thank you for visiting. No way of listening to the Radio 3 piece yet, but leave it with me and I’ll see if I can sort something out.

    • Hello elizabeth, I may have found a recording of the Radio 3 show. If you would like a copy let me know.

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