Sebastiane Hegarty is an artist, writer and lecturer. His creative practice is interdisciplinary and time-based, including:  sound, installation, photography, performance, drawing and text. His work is concerned with memory through an exploration of the relationship between time, place, and sensation. Most recently this has focused on acoustic ecology and the perceptual geographies of sound and audition.

Sebastiane has exhibited extensively in a wide range of media. Most recently his audio essay, Listening and walking was broadcast on Twenty Minutes (BBC Radio 3) and a series of soundscapes for Radio Solent, resulted in a two part documentary, extracts from which featured on BBC Radio 4’s Pick of the Week.
Recent sound work features on the Framework Seasonal CD (Estonia, 2011) and (Un)pleasant Over Drones (Resound Festival, Falmouth 2011). His international collaborative phonographic project mon(nu)ment, included re-recordings by Lasse-marc Riek, Lawrence English and Patrick Mcginley. A live recording of the project was premiered at The Arcola Theatre, London in 2008.
His essay, Lets hear what we can see, exploring synaesthesia and sensory metaphor, accompanies the DVD release of Guy Sherwin’s Optical Sound Films (Lux: London, 2008).

Sebastiane received his PhD from the Winchester School of Art at Southampton University in 2003. He lives and works in Winchester, England.

  1. Hi there. Really enjoying your blog posts and would like very much to listen to your Radio 3 piece. However can’t listen again on iplayer. Is there anywhere else I could pick it up?

    • Hello Elizabeth and thank you for visiting. No way of listening to the Radio 3 piece yet, but leave it with me and I’ll see if I can sort something out.

    • Hello elizabeth, I may have found a recording of the Radio 3 show. If you would like a copy let me know.

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